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Nationals | 3 September 15 : 15.56
The Daily Mail was justified in reporting that former prime minister Tony Blair tried to “wriggle out” of appearing before a committee of MPs, the press regulator has ruled.
Regionals | 3 September 15 : 16.44
Nine more jobs are set go in the latest stage of an apparent nationwide cull of photographers by regional newspaper group Newsquest.
Broadcast | 3 September 15 : 13.18
Two British journalists arrested in Turkey on terror charges have been released, according to Turkish media.
People | 2 September 15 : 14.37
Rebekah Brooks has been confirmed as chief executive officer of News UK with Tony Gallagher becoming editor-in-chief of The Sun.
Television | 2 September 15 : 13.45
Some 200 people were behind SSN's coverage of player transfers ahead of the window closure at 6pm yesterday.
Appointments | 2 September 15 : 13.18
Turnbull confirmed the news on Twitter after a story appeared in the Daily Mirror, saying: "He's right, you know."
People | 2 September 15 : 10.17
Former Sun managing editor Graham Dudman has left the paper, four months after he was acquitted of illegally paying public officials for stories.
Nationals | 1 September 15 : 08.28
News UK could face corporate criminal charges after the Metropolitan Police has handed a "full file" of evidence to prosecutors relating to hacking at News of the World.
Appointments | 2 September 15 : 09.29
Daily Star Sunday deputy Stuart James has been named as the title's new editor.
Wires and Agencies | 1 September 15 : 14.59
The move comes after Edwards was cleared of wrongdoing earlier this year following his arrest under the Metropolitan Police's Operation Elveden.
Criminal law | 1 September 15 : 10.03
Egypt's foreign ministry has called in the British ambassador to Cairo amid diplomatic tension after three Al Jazeera English journalists were sentenced to three years' prison each for reporting "false news".
Regionals | 1 September 15 : 15.28
The declaration came as it rejected complaints that two newspapers, the Oxford Times and the Witney Gazette, had breached clauses 1 and 2 of the Editors Code of Practice, covering accuracy and the opportunity to reply respectively.
Media business | 1 September 15 : 09.27
The publisher of The Guardian and Observer, News UK, Evgeny Lebedev's titles, the Mail and Metro stable, The Daily and Sunday Telegraph and Trinity Mirror's nationals are behind the scheme. The only national newspapers not involved are those belonging to Richard Desmond's Express Newspapers.
Websites | 1 September 15 : 08.45
Freelance correspondent Jake Hanrahan and cameraman Philip Pendlebury were arrested while filming in the south-east region of Diyarbakir.
Nationals | 28 August 15 : 14.45
The names of journalists who paid for illegally-obtained private information look set to be publicly released after a legal judgment released today.
Nationals | 28 August 15 : 13.16
Labour leadership hopefuls Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn have both backed “urgent measures” to tackle the concentration of media ownership in the UK.
Nationals | 28 August 15 : 11.03
The Mirror titles are looking to cut down on use of casual, make night editorial staff work more days and make fresh redundancies.


Journalists 'pushed away' from 'distressing scenes' involving migrants at Hungarian train station
Journalists have reported being "pushed away" by police from "distressing scenes" involving migrants at a Hungarian train station. According to reports, hundreds of migrants were allowed on to a train in Budapest, Hungary, bound for Austria before they were ordered off in Bicske, also in Hungary, to be taken to a registration centre. The migrants are reported to be resisting.