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Nationals | 26 February 15 : 17.29
The Daily Mail is the most read newspaper brand in the UK, with The Sun relegated to fifth place – according to figures released by the National Readership Survey.
Media law | 26 February 15 : 11.40
Three Al-Jazeera journalists have been arrested in Paris for illegally flying a drone. Paris prosecutors said the three foreign nationals...
Regionals | 26 February 15 : 09.30
The BBC has been told it "must not expect to receive others’ news content without providing something in return".
Regionals | 25 February 15 : 12.45
All paid-for regional daily newspapers saw their circulations decline in the second half of 2014, according to new ABC figures.
Regulation | 25 February 15 : 17.17
Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman said today her party would have a mandate to "follow through on Leveson" if it won the general election in May.
Appointments | 25 February 15 : 16.33
The four publicly-declared candidates for Guardian editor made their case to staff today at a hustings meeting.
Regionals | 25 February 15 : 13.21
The only newspaper to publicly back the campaign for Scottish independence in September's referendum saw its circulation increase by 34.7 per cent in the second half of 2014. s.
Nationals | 25 February 15 : 10.03
Private Eye and The Sunday Times were last night named joint winners of the Paul Foot Award for campaigning and investigative journalism.
Privacy | 25 February 15 : 10.29
The case was the first in which the court had dealt with the use by journalists of hidden cameras to provide public information on a subject of general interest, when the person filmed was targeted not in any personal capacity but as a representative of a particular professional category.
Regulation | 24 February 15 : 14.00
The Independent Press Standards Organisation has called for evidence from the Telegraph and others on allegations that the title has allowed commercial considerations to influence editorial.
Media business | 24 February 15 : 14.56
MegaGroup, based in Milford Haven, started publishing the Pembrokeshire Herald in July 2013. The 70p title now claims a paid-for circulation of 6,700.
Television | 24 February 15 : 08.26
An agreement between the BBC and police which led to a raid on Sir Cliff Richard's home being broadcast live around the world "certainly interfered with his privacy and may well have caused unnecessary distress", according to an independent report.
Defamation and libel | 24 February 15 : 09.05
A former Conservative local council candidate has taken the United Kingdom to the European Court of Human Rights after he was blocked from suing Google over defamatory claims made on a blog.
Nationals | 24 February 15 : 08.46
The former Downing Street director of communications, 47, is accused of committing perjury in the 2010 trial of former MSP Tommy Sheridan.
Media law | 20 February 15 : 18.59
The Government is to rush through interim measures to stop police viewing journalists' phone records without judicial oversight in a move that signals victory for the Press Gazette Save Our Sources campaign.
Privacy | 23 February 15 : 14.58
On Friday, Press Gazette declared victory in the Save Our Sources campaign when it emerged that the Government is to rush through interim measures to stop police viewing journalists' phone records without the oversight of a judge.
Nationals | 23 February 15 : 08.44
Duncan Larcombe (pictured, Reuters), 39, is accused over his dealings with Sandhurst instructor John Hardy who was allegedly paid more than £23,700 for providing information on the princes and others on 34 occasions.