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Consumer | 18 December 14 : 15.27
Costing £3.99, the title was last audited by ABC in the year to June 2012, when its circulation was 9,287.
News | 18 December 14 : 13.53
A media campaign prompted by the treatment of journalists has led to strict new proposed time limits on police bail.
Websites | 18 December 14 : 12.10
Mail Online hit a new traffic record of averaging 12.5 million "unique browsers" per day in November according to ABC.
Wires and Agencies | 18 December 14 : 11.55
Manchester-based news agency Cavendish Press has won an apology from the HM Courts and Tribunal Service after one of its journalists was ordered by security staff to delete pictures she took of a defendant as she stood on a pavement outside a courthouse.
Nationals | 18 December 14 : 10.52
The Court of Appeal has rejected a bid by The Times to overturn an award of £60,000 in damages given to a police officer it said was investigated over corruption.
Criminal law | 17 December 14 : 08.45
Simon Harris was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court today of a host of sex offences against vulnerable young Kenyan street boys.
Criminal law | 17 December 14 : 16.19
The judge who decided that men being made subject to injunctions banning them from having contact with a girl they were alleged to have exploited sexually could be identified in the media has said he was "extremely surprised" at the stance taken by West Midlands Police.
Media business | 17 December 14 : 11.51
News Corp made an operating loss of £3.5m, down year on year from a £51m profit, in the year to June as it spent more than £100m on legal costs and financing the Management and Standards Committee.
Criminal law | 16 December 14 : 17.03
The public has a right to know about notorious Broadmoor inmates like the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and M25 rapist Tony Imiela because of the heinous crimes they committed, the Sun six trial was told.
Regionals | 16 December 14 : 10.47
Journalists from the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, The Journal and The Sunday Sun have been barred from attending matches at Newcastle and press conferences since October 2013.
Appointments | 16 December 14 : 15.54
Long-serving BBC foreign correspondent Allan Little (pic: BBC) is leaving the corporation at the end of the year to "to pursue other...
Criminal law | 15 December 14 : 17.11
Sun publisher News International (now known as News UK) is an unscrupulous "copper's nark" suppressing evidence of corruption to save Rebekah Brooks and itself from prosecution, a court heard.
Media business | 16 December 14 : 09.28
The motion, which also threatens industrial action, was passed to oppose compulsory redundancies as the publisher plans to cut four photographer roles down to one full-time equivalent on its Worcester titles.
Criminal law | 16 December 14 : 08.46
Around 20 journalists are believed to have been arrested in a series of dawn raids in Turkey. According to World Association of Newspapers...
Nationals | 15 December 14 : 16.32
Sun news editor Chris Pharo was "instrumental" in paying public officials for a "morbid, gripping, and outrageous" leaks, the prosecutor said as he made his final summing up in the Sun six trial.
Nationals | 12 December 14 : 16.45
At a hearing at the Old Bailey former features editor Jules Stenson admitted conspiring to intercept voicemail messages between 1 January 2003 and 26 January 2007.
Photography | 15 December 14 : 11.46
Newsquest has axed two of its long-standing weekly editors in a structural shake up of its Gloucestershire publications.