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Nationals | 19 December 14 : 16.28
William Clegg QC, for reporter John Troup, said the prosecution was "misconceived" in alleging the journalist conspired to bribe a public official.
Privacy | 22 December 14 : 11.13
A judge decided that the media could identify a family involved in a tug-of-love row after concluding that full reporting might help prevent other estranged parents from attempting to abduct their own children.
Media law | 19 December 14 : 10.17
When Press Gazette first highlighted the fact the Met Police accessed the phone records of The Sun in order to find and punish three internal leakers the reaction was pretty much universal condemnation.
Criminal law | 19 December 14 : 16.04
Released earlier this month by the Home Office, the draft has been widely criticised for saying that police should continue to be allowed to access journalists’ phone records without any outside approval.
Nationals | 19 December 14 : 15.32
Oliver Blunt QC is defending managing editor Graham Dudman, who is accused of paying a City of London police officer for tips on the hunt for schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.
Nationals | 19 December 14 : 12.19
Hundreds of payment request forms signed by Brooks and her successor, Dominic Mohan, have failed to materialise at the trial at Kingston Crown Court, it is said.
Media business | 19 December 14 : 12.41
The title today reports that the process will include an “indicative ballot which would guarantee the winner a place on the shortlist for the job”.
Consumer | 19 December 14 : 11.50
The publicity-shy husband of popstar Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (pictured, Reuters) has won damages from Heat, the second magazine he has sued in recent months.
Media business | 19 December 14 : 10.39
The free Burton Advertiser, a sister title to the Burton Mail, published its last edition this week.
Nationals | 18 December 14 : 08.11
Last month, Graham Johnson, 46, pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates' Court to intercepting communications in the course of transmission without lawful authority.
Consumer | 18 December 14 : 15.27
Costing £3.99, the title was last audited by ABC in the year to June 2012, when its circulation was 9,287.
News | 18 December 14 : 13.53
A media campaign prompted by the treatment of journalists has led to strict new proposed time limits on police bail.
Websites | 18 December 14 : 12.10
Mail Online hit a new traffic record of averaging 12.5 million "unique browsers" per day in November according to ABC.
Wires and Agencies | 18 December 14 : 11.55
Manchester-based news agency Cavendish Press has won an apology from the HM Courts and Tribunal Service after one of its journalists was ordered by security staff to delete pictures she took of a defendant as she stood on a pavement outside a courthouse.
Nationals | 18 December 14 : 10.52
The Court of Appeal has rejected a bid by The Times to overturn an award of £60,000 in damages given to a police officer it said was investigated over corruption.
Criminal law | 17 December 14 : 08.45
Simon Harris was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court today of a host of sex offences against vulnerable young Kenyan street boys.
Criminal law | 17 December 14 : 16.19
The judge who decided that men being made subject to injunctions banning them from having contact with a girl they were alleged to have exploited sexually could be identified in the media has said he was "extremely surprised" at the stance taken by West Midlands Police.


News of the World phone-hackers Thurlbeck and Weatherup cleared to sue for unfair dismissal
James Weatherup (pictured, Reuters) and Neville Thurlbeck are suing News Group Newspapers for unfair dismissal after losing their jobs in the aftermath of the phone-hacking scandal. The publisher applied for the claims to be struck out of court, accusing the journalists of being “vexatious” and claiming they have no prospect of success. But that argument has been rejected by Judge Brian Doyle. He said in a judgment seen by Press Gazette: “Are the claims vexatious or an abuse of process? I do not accept that these claims are being pursued with no expectation of success.”