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Criminal law | 26 November 14 : 15.24
Unprintable tales of explosive scandals involving politicians and celebrities were stored in a "Wild West-style" safe in the Sun...
Nationals | 25 November 14 : 20.35
The Metropolitan Police has been supplied with the phone records of some 1,700 News UK employees after a mistake by Vodafone.
Criminal law | 26 November 14 : 14.12
A prison officer accused of selling stories to The Sun told jurors that if he had been in it for the money he could have sold celebrity "tittle tattle" about snooker world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan's jailed father.
Regionals | 26 November 14 : 11.43
The National Association of Press Agencies has urged the BBC to start buying in local content from its members.
Media business | 26 November 14 : 09.33
Mail Online has has reported revenue up 41 per cent year on year from £44m to £62m.
Regionals | 26 November 14 : 09.03
Editor of new Scottish daily The National Richard Walker has said he is “confident” the new title will continue after this week...
Nationals | 25 November 14 : 18.19
Journalists at Express Newspapers have urged owner Richard Desmond to halt cuts which will see the businesss team reduced to one, TV pages completely outsourced and regionalised sport pages stopped.
Regionals | 25 November 14 : 08.46
Tindle Newsapers today announced the launch four new newspapers for London.   The move comes just weeks after Trinity...
Criminal law | 25 November 14 : 12.28
The jury has retired to consider verdicts in the trial of a Sun reporter accused of plotting with a Government press officer over a string of leaks to the newspaper, including details of Alistair Darling's 2010 budget.
Defamation and libel | 25 November 14 : 10.08
A police officer who accompanied former Government chief whip Andrew Mitchell on two foreign trips has told the High Court that the MP was "unpleasant until he got what he wanted".
Websites | 24 November 14 : 17.19
The Sun claims to have more than doubled its digital subscribers to a total of 225,000 since the last release of paywall numbers a year ago...
Nationals | 24 November 14 : 15.29
Vitriolic media coverage which portrayed Rebekah Brook as a “figure of hate” made it impossible for her to receive a fair trial, her lawyer Angus McBride has alleged.
Nationals | 24 November 14 : 15.15
Jamie Pyatt, 51, said payments to police officers and other public officials were common knowledge among journalists and senior editors at the daily tabloid.
Criminal law | 24 November 14 : 09.36
Six journalists last week launched a legal challenge after they found, through subject access requests under the Data Protection Act, surveillance information about them on the Met's “National Domestic Extremism” database.
Nationals | 24 November 14 : 10.37
Jamie Pyatt, 51, who is accused of of paying public officials for confidential information at The Sun between 2002 and 2011, described his 2011 arrest as "awkward" and "distressing".
Media business | 24 November 14 : 08.21
Sister to the Herald, Sunday Herald and the Evening Times in Scotland, the title has promised to "fly a vibrant flag for independence".
Television | 24 November 14 : 11.08
The new chair of the BBC Trust has declined to reopen the Pollard Review into the Jimmy Savile scandal in the fact "crucial" evidence was omitted from it.