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Defamation and libel | 20 November 14 : 17.24
Gillian Weatherley, who was dismissed for gross misconduct in April after a disciplinary panel found her to be a "thoroughly dishonest and incredible witness", was on duty on the Downing Street gates in September 2012 when Mitchell tried to cycle through.
Regionals | 20 November 14 : 16.49
Brian Aitken pleaded guilty to a charge of having breached the order in a report which appeared in the newspaper in May last year.
Nationals | 20 November 14 : 14.07
Jamie Pyatt, 51, the newspaper's Thames Valley district reporter, said a succession of sixth form pupils sold him tales of the latest scandal from the private boarding school.
Nationals | 20 November 14 : 11.06
Political journalists have expressed surprise and concern after research by Press Gazette revealed that the 20 main central Government departments employ nearly 1,500 communications staff.
Nationals | 20 November 14 : 10.08
The trial of a reporter accused of paying a government official for stories 'is not about The Sun newspaper as an institution', the Old Bailey heard.
Websites | 20 November 14 : 12.29
Mail Online hit a new daily global traffic record of 12.1m daily unique browsers in October, according to ABC.
Nationals | 19 November 14 : 17.57
The "Plebgate" row was "just a quirky incident with a gentleman on a bicycle who had the hump", the High Court has heard.
Criminal law | 20 November 14 : 09.54
Sun journalist Jamie Pyatt told Kingston Crown Court said Sun reporters routinely fiddled their expenses as compensation for working long hours in a tough environment.
Criminal law | 19 November 14 : 14.39
Ronnie Wood's Russian lover sold her story after he burned her with a cigarette, dragged her across the pavement and choked her in the...
Media business | 19 November 14 : 07.52
More than 800 regional newspaper websites have teamed up to launch a combined digital advertising platform called 1XL.
Criminal law | 19 November 14 : 09.14
Government leaks are the "lifeblood" of political journalism in Britain, media commentator Roy Greenslade (pic: The Guardian) told the trial of a Sun reporter today.
Nationals | 19 November 14 : 08.58
Pharo yesterday denied knowing that a Broadmoor healthcare assistant, an alleged contact of reporter Jamie Pyatt, was a public official.
Media business | 18 November 14 : 08.58
Trinity Mirror has announced the departure of the Newcastle Journal editor as well as its group managing editor and group legal director.
Nationals | 18 November 14 : 14.19
The 40-year-old is accused of arranging payments of £17,475 to senior press officer Jonathan Hall over a period spanning more than three years, in exchange for tips.
Criminal law | 18 November 14 : 14.27
A reporter with the Sun newspaper paid a police officer and a prison officer for stories and kept a stolen phone overnight to check out its contents, a court heard today.
Defamation and libel | 18 November 14 : 13.15
Journalists Matthew d'Ancona and Isabel Oakshott are among a number of high-profile individuals to provide character witness statements for Andrew Mitchell in the Plebgate libel trial today.
Nationals | 18 November 14 : 12.56
Chris Pharo (pictured, Reuters), 45, the head of news, said he did not ask where stories had come from because he was too junior to "police" the newsroom.