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Websites | 30 June 15 : 14.33
An English political activist turned journalist, who once attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on former prime minister Tony Blair, has launched a news website for Hong Kong.
Regionals | 30 June 15 : 05.56
Archant’s new investigations unit has already secured 20 front-page splashes and looks to be extended beyond a nine-month trial period.
Television | 30 June 15 : 09.00
The BBC has come under pressure to stop using the term "Islamic State". (Picture: BBC's New Broadcasting House, Shutterstock)
Appointments | 30 June 15 : 11.58
Peter Oborne has announced he is to return to the Daily Mail four months after he resigned from The Daily Telegraph.
Television | 30 June 15 : 11.03
BBC head of news James Harding has apologised to Conservative minister Grant Shapps over coverage of his Wikipedia page.
Regionals | 30 June 15 : 10.49
Journalists on strike at Newsquest's Sutton Headquarters have returned to work today ten days into a 12-day strike as a "goodwill gesture".
Nationals | 30 June 15 : 09.48
The jury in the hacking trial of Neil Wallis, former deputy to News of the World editor Andy Coulson has yet to reach a verdict after retiring on Thursday.
Nationals | 30 June 15 : 09.49
Disgraced publicist Max Clifford has asked the High Court to throw out a claim by former royal butler Paul Burrell that he breached his confidentiality by passing personal details about him to the News of the World.
Nationals | 29 June 15 : 08.51
A mental health nurse at Broadmoor high security hospital has been jailed for two years for selling stories about some of Britain's most notorious killers to the News of the World and Mirror newspapers.
Television | 29 June 15 : 13.59
For a year from September 2013, the BBC had a team of journalists embedded with the Metropolitan Police.
Regionals | 29 June 15 : 12.34
Jon Griffin, who was named Business and Finance Journalist of the Year at last month’s Regional Press Awards, is accepting voluntary redundancy as part of a programme for 19 job losses in Birmingham.
Television | 29 June 15 : 12.01
Evgeny Lebedev’slocal TV stations London Live made an operating loss of £11.6m in the year ending September 2014, after launching in March last year, its company has revealed.
Nationals | 29 June 15 : 10.26
Published for the first time as The Daily Telegraph and Courier on 29 June 1855, costing twopence, the newspaper claimed to have “the largest circulation in the world” in 1874.
Regionals | 29 June 15 : 09.31
Described by the Trinity Mirror title “the biggest shake-up of its 136-year history”, the changes come after a month-long consultation with readers who provided editor Ali Machray with feedback on Twitter, the website and through sending letters.
Broadcast | 26 June 15 : 11.45
An internal BBC survey has shown that bullying, recruitment processes and confidence in senior management are the primary concerns of staff.
People | 26 June 15 : 15.04
It has to be said that the first thing you notice when speaking to former News UK head of PR Richard Brookes is the fact he does not have any arms.
Regionals | 25 June 15 : 12.29
London Mayor Boris Johnson and five other Conservative MPs have backed striking journalists in their demands to be paid the London Living Wage and be provided with an office to work in.


Independent and i cut annual losses from £12.3m to £4.6m
The Independent has reported a steep reduction in losses to £4.6m for the year to September 2014. This compares with an operating loss of £12.3m in the previous financial year and £16.6m in the year before that. The Independent titles lost £22.6m in the year to September 2011 (the first complete year after Alexander Lebedev bought the newspapers in March 2010).