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Mobile | 17 October 14 : 11.05
The majority of traffic to the BBC News website now comes from mobile and tablet devices.
Appointments | 17 October 14 : 12.23
The Daily Telegraph’s weekday editor Chris Evans has been promoted to group director of content. Jason Seiken remains chief content...
Regionals | 17 October 14 : 09.52
Thames Valley Police did not say Sally Murrer was a journalist when it applied to bug her conversations, her barrister has revealed.
Nationals | 17 October 14 : 08.53
Mail Online hit a new traffic record in May when it reached an average of 11,792,392 daily web browsers per day.
Nationals | 16 October 14 : 15.11
The group of editors and reporters bought confidential information about members of the Royal Family, celebrities, notorious inmates, "the famous, not so famous and the infamous", Kingston Crown Court heard.
Websites | 17 October 14 : 08.18
The photojournalist has featured in a series of propaganda videos released by IS extremists in recent weeks and apparently had an article published in the group's Dabiq magazine.
Nationals | 16 October 14 : 09.52
A new survey suggests newspapers played a bigger role in helping Scottish people decide how to vote in the referendum than social media and the campaigns themselves.
Nationals | 16 October 14 : 15.21
Walliams, who is best known for the sketch show Little Britain but is also an author and a trustee of Comic Relief, accepted substantial undisclosed damages and his legal costs from News Group Newspapers (NGN), publishers of the now-defunct News of the World.
Criminal law | 16 October 14 : 08.51
Proposed by Labour's John McDonnell yesterday, the Early Day Motion now has the backing of 11 other members from all major parties.
Nationals | 15 October 14 : 12.36
A CPS spokesman said Graham Johnson is accused of "intercepting communications without legal authority, namely mobile phone voicemail messages".
Television | 16 October 14 : 07.57
Made in Cardiff has today become the eighth local TV station to go live.
Nationals | 15 October 14 : 16.25
Asked if the Crown Prosecution Service should be giving advice to police on the use of RIPA against journalists, Alison Saunders said: “I think RIPA sets out a very clear and very thorough framework, quite rightly so, for what are intrusive powers.”
Criminal law | 15 October 14 : 13.58
Former NoW managing editor Kuttner £135,000 out of pocket after losing hacking trial costs bid
Websites | 15 October 14 : 13.17
Although individual pages have been blocked in recent years, the BBC website has been "generally available" in China since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Criminal law | 15 October 14 : 09.12
Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to announce a review today of whether to introduce a statutory time limit on how long people can be kept on police bail as well as action to curb police spying on journalists' phone records.
Consumer | 15 October 14 : 04.01
Paris Match was ordered to make the payout by the French courts after it published a story reporting a woman's claim that he was the father of her child.
Nationals | 14 October 14 : 14.35
Scott Chapman shared a third of his earnings from The Sun, News Of The World, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday with his ex-partner Lynn Gaffney, prosecutors allege.

Media law

Met's Sun phone records grab wasn't 'last resort' - it was the first thing they did, lawyer reveals
Accessing the phone records of The Sun was “the very first thing” the Metropolitan Police did in its investigation into Plebgate, a lawyer for the paper has revealed. Gavin Millar QC claims the Met accessed political editor Tom Newton Dunn’s (pictured) phone records under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in December 2012, when it began its inquiry, and interviewed the journalist for the first time in March 2013.