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Nationals | 24 November 14 : 10.37
Jamie Pyatt, 51, who is accused of of paying public officials for confidential information at The Sun between 2002 and 2011, described his 2011 arrest as "awkward" and "distressing".
Media business | 24 November 14 : 08.21
Sister to the Herald, Sunday Herald and the Evening Times in Scotland, the title has promised to "fly a vibrant flag for independence".
Television | 24 November 14 : 11.08
The new chair of the BBC Trust has declined to reopen the Pollard Review into the Jimmy Savile scandal in the fact "crucial" evidence was omitted from it.
| 24 November 14 : 09.29
Sir Cliff Richard (pic: Reuters) is set to sue the BBC for breach of privacy over coverage of a police raid on his home, the Mail on Sunday reports.
| 20 November 14 : 22.00
Six journalists have launched a legal challenge against the Met Police after finding that surveillance information about them is being held on a “National Domestic Extremism” database.
Nationals | 21 November 14 : 12.26
The Herald and Times Group is Scotland is reportedly planning to launch a new daily newspaper supporting independence.
Consumer | 21 November 14 : 10.34
TeamRock, which publishes Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog, has this month introduced paid-for content to its website.
Media business | 21 November 14 : 11.24
The publisher’s results for the end of September 2014 show its revenues fell from £82.6m in 2013 to £66m.
Defamation and libel | 21 November 14 : 08.18
The Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers to appeal in a case in which it was ordered to pay £65,000 in libel damages to a management consultant it alleged had won a contract with the Metropolitan Police through cronyism.
Criminal law | 21 November 14 : 07.44
The Court of Appeal has rejected a bid to give young people caught up in legal proceedings, including victims and witnesses, lifelong...
Nationals | 20 November 14 : 14.25
The freedom of the press is at stake after a Sun reporter was dragged through the courts for “doing her job”, the Old Bailey heard today.
Defamation and libel | 20 November 14 : 17.24
Gillian Weatherley, who was dismissed for gross misconduct in April after a disciplinary panel found her to be a "thoroughly dishonest and incredible witness", was on duty on the Downing Street gates in September 2012 when Mitchell tried to cycle through.
Regionals | 20 November 14 : 16.49
Brian Aitken pleaded guilty to a charge of having breached the order in a report which appeared in the newspaper in May last year.
Nationals | 20 November 14 : 14.07
Jamie Pyatt, 51, the newspaper's Thames Valley district reporter, said a succession of sixth form pupils sold him tales of the latest scandal from the private boarding school.
Nationals | 20 November 14 : 11.06
Political journalists have expressed surprise and concern after research by Press Gazette revealed that the 20 main central Government departments employ nearly 1,500 communications staff.
Nationals | 20 November 14 : 10.08
The trial of a reporter accused of paying a government official for stories 'is not about The Sun newspaper as an institution', the Old Bailey heard.
Websites | 20 November 14 : 12.29
Mail Online hit a new daily global traffic record of 12.1m daily unique browsers in October, according to ABC.