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Nationals | 24 April 14 : 16.46
Just over a year after the Telegraph became the first mainstream UK national newspaper website to go behind a metered paywall insiders say they are “encouraged” by the way it has gone.
Danny Simpson (Reuters)
Nationals | 24 April 14 : 09.14
Danny Simpson (Reuters)
Press Gazette revealed last week that The Sun was fighting the defamation claims against Contostavlos over a front-page story in the High Court.
Regionals | 24 April 14 : 15.40
The announcement comes a day before the last Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle is due to be published for the last time.
David Blunkett (Reuters)
Criminal law | 24 April 14 : 13.00
David Blunkett (Reuters)
Andy Coulson also told the hacking trial that he regretted reporting the news that former home secretary David Blunkett was having an affair with Spectator publisher Kimberly Fortier in 2004.
Paul Ashford
Regulation | 24 April 14 : 10.46
Paul Ashford
The directors have been named for a body which will hold the purse strings and help decide appointments to new press regulator the Independent Press Standards Organisation.
Nationals | 24 April 14 : 08.24
During Andy Coulson's cross-examination, Clive Goodman's lawyer, David Spens QC, said the editorial staff member, who cannot be named, was "a thoroughly aggressive individual".
Police outside the News UK building in Wapping (Reuters)
Nationals | 23 April 14 : 13.37
Police outside the News UK building in Wapping (Reuters)
Former Sun South West England reporter John Coles has been cleared after spending some 19 months on police bail following his arrest as part of the Operation Elveden investigation.
Andy Coulson (Reuters)
Nationals | 23 April 14 : 14.45
Andy Coulson (Reuters)
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has described his shock at the arrest of one of his reporters for phone-hacking, and denied suggestions that he was involved in a cover-up.
Nationals | 23 April 14 : 12.15
The Mail on Sunday has responded to the social media backlash over its undercover foodbanks investigation by saying: “It is a sad day for journalism when investigations into the use of money given by the public are condemned”.
Andy Coulson (Reuters)
Criminal law | 22 April 14 : 16.47
Andy Coulson (Reuters)
Former tabloid editor Andy Coulson "rubber-stamped" a payment to a royal source for a story, despite being warned by a colleague that being caught could end up with both parties in court, he told the phone-hacking trial.
Criminal law | 23 April 14 : 08.35
A British news agency based in Austria is facing legal action from a convicted blackmailer for using his full name in a news report.
Nationals | 19 April 14 : 09.46
Press Gazette revealed in January that the comedian had launched legal action after The Sun on Sunday carried a front page story saying Brand had cheated on girlfriend Jemima Khan with a glamour model.
Defamation and libel | 22 April 14 : 09.02
The police have paid damages to a man wrongly identified as a rapist by both the Oxford Mail and the BBC website.
Nationals | 21 April 14 : 08.37
The ruling, by Mr Justice Bean, has been made in proceedings being reported by The Guardian in which a woman is suing services company Serco.
Nationals | 20 April 14 : 10.04
The newspaper carried an interview with Conservative MP Sarah Woolaston yesterday in which she described the Guido Fawkes blog, Daily Telegraph columnist Dan Hodges and LBC's Iain Dale as unnecessarily “aggressive”.
Nationals | 17 April 14 : 13.24
The Financial Times will not be joining new press regulator IPSO - the Independent Press Standards Organisation - editor Lionel Barber announced today.
Regionals | 17 April 14 : 16.15
The Communities and Local Government Secretary has given the five Labour-run boroughs a fortnight to defend their actions and explain why legal proceedings should not be taken against their "propaganda on the rates".

Media law

Lord Black: Press must keep fighting state involvement in regulation 'with vigour and determination'
Lord Black of Brentwood described the implications of a royal charter on press regulation as a "chilling prospect" in a speech to the Scottish Newspaper Society (SNS) conference in Glasgow. The executive director of the Telegraph Media Group has overseen the development of the Independent Press Standards Organisation which is set to replace the Press Complaints Commission in June.