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Mobile | 10 February 16 : 15.05
Trinity Mirror has launched a free mobile news aggregation app which shares content from multiple sources in order to present a rounded view of the news.
Regulation | 10 February 16 : 08.58
The Independent Press Standards Organisation has announced a four-year funding deal with the industry worth £10m and a series of changes to its rules which it claims have “enhanced its powers”.
Regulation | 10 February 16 : 08.56
Labour yesterday said the commencement of part two of the Leveson Inquiry was "non-negotiable". But the Daily Mail, quoting a "senior Government source", reported it will never take place.
Media business | 9 February 16 : 17.08
CN Group has announced plans to reduce its annual editorial costs by £600,000, with editors, production journalists and photographers at risk.
Privacy | 9 February 16 : 13.45
Laws to protect journalistic material are not "applied consistently" in the draft Investigatory Powers Bill and should be improved on, a parliamentary inquiry has concluded.
Privacy | 9 February 16 : 11.26
Media organisations today lost a challenge against continuing restrictions on reporting a terrorism trial which was held in conditions of unprecedented secrecy.
Media business | 9 February 16 : 11.36
The owner of The Guardian and equity group Apax are to share £80m following the stock market flotation of business publisher and events company Ascential.
Consumer | 8 February 16 : 11.58
Journalists who work in the consumer magazine sector are the happiest in the industry, a survey has found.
Photography | 8 February 16 : 15.31
Dozens of photographers look set to lose their jobs as titles in the Local World group shift towards relying on reader photos and reporters taking pictures on their phones.
Nationals | 8 February 16 : 16.35
Tech company Hewlett Packard has hit back after being accused by FT columnist Lucy Kellaway of sending her an aggressive email.
Appointments | 8 February 16 : 16.15
Former Sun head of news Chris Pharo has joined PR agency 72Point as chief operations officer.
Regionals | 8 February 16 : 09.30
A Croydon Advertiser reporter has been given permission to take his fight against being giving a police harassment notice to a judicial review.
Freedom of Information | 8 February 16 : 09.35
Some 60 per cent of 1,735 British adults surveyed by Yougov said they supported the idea, including 31 per cent who said they had "strong" support for it.
Nationals | 8 February 16 : 10.13
A Financial Times journalist was warned about affecting "relationships with advertisers" after she wrote a piece poking fun at Hewlett Packard Enterprise's chief executive.
Media business | 5 February 16 : 16.23
The company's second quarter results showed this figure was $7m (£4.8m) for its second quarter, up from $5m in the first, to September 2015.
Nationals | 5 February 16 : 11.21
Cheston, 59, started at the Evening Standard in 1988 as a general reporter and moved to his current position in 1993.
Websites | 5 February 16 : 08.51
In May 2012, Jack Rivlin appeared to be taking a fairly conventional route into journalism.