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Privacy | 28 May 15 : 12.22
Press Gazette has formally challenged police refusal to disclose information about the seizure of journalistic phone records.
Appointments | 28 May 15 : 15.35
Giles, who was appointed Panorama editor in 2010 after joining the BBC in 1991, is to report to director of news and current affairs Michael Jermey.
Regionals | 28 May 15 : 12.07
Darlington-based daily the Northern Echo has announced it is to adopt a metered paywall.
Nationals | 28 May 15 : 09.40
The Sun has been censured by the Independent Press Standards Organisation over a Rod Liddle column which poked fund at a blind and transgender Labour parliamentary candidate.
Regionals | 28 May 15 : 11.15
The new owner of the Rotherham Advertiser is facing a possible strike after singling out a long-serving union official for redundancy.
Nationals | 27 May 15 : 10.39
The corporation said that it purchased 45,672 copies of the newspaper, spending £63,061, in 2014.
Nationals | 26 May 15 : 08.57
Mirror Group Newspapers has now been sued by nearly 100 actors, sports stars and other individuals in the High Court in the wake of the hacking scandal at the titles.
Nationals | 27 May 15 : 08.50
A Broadmoor nurse from Somerset has admitted selling stories about some of Britain's most notorious killers to the News of the World and Mirror newspapers. (Picture: Shutterstock)
Regionals | 27 May 15 : 09.55
The Glasgow-based Herald newspaper was ordered to publish a correction after the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) partially upheld a complaint about accuracy.
Nationals | 26 May 15 : 14.25
Hacking phones was "systematic" at the News of the World, the perjury trial of the newspaper's former editor has heard.
Media business | 26 May 15 : 12.13
A volunteer-run quarterly newspaper with a focus on investigative journalism has launched in Salford some two months after the closure of the town’s weekly newspaper.
Nationals | 26 May 15 : 08.07
News of the World private investigator Glenn Mulcaire told journalists on the paper that he obtained the voicemail messages of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler from a police source, a court heard.
| 26 May 15 : 10.18
UK regional press giant Newsquest has acquired Romanes Media Group – one of the larger independent local newspaper publishers.
Appointments | 26 May 15 : 10.23
Janine Gibson, editor-in-chief of The Guardian website and a deputy editor of Guardian News and Media, is leaving the title after 17 years.
Nationals | 22 May 15 : 16.31
A Sun journalist has been found guilty of paying a police officer for stories.
Nationals | 22 May 15 : 16.52
The inquiry was launched in April after the Telegraph reported on a leaked memo stating that Nicola Sturgeon had told the French ambassador that she wanted David Cameron to be Prime Minister after the election.
News | 22 May 15 : 10.49
Trinity Mirror has said it is likely to appeal privacy damages payouts of £1.2m to eight victims of its phone-hacking activities after contrasting them to personal injury payouts.


Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger steps down after 20 years: Brilliant, brave, visionary... and all without apparently breaking a sweat
Alan Rusbridger steps down today after 20 years as Guardian editor, handing over the reins to deputy editor Katharine Viner. Under Rusbridger The Guardian won newspaper of the year four times at the British Press Awards last year it became the first UK newspaper to win the Pulitzer Prize (for the Edward Snowden revelations about US state surveillance). Rusbridger took over from Peter Preston at a time when the paper’s print circulation was solidly above 400,000 and it did not yet have a website.

Media law

Sun reporter Anthony France given 18-month suspended sentence over payments to public official
Sun reporter Anthony France has today been sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for two years. France was found guilty last week over payments to a public official in the wake of the Operation Elveden police investigation. At the Old Bailey this morning he was given the suspended sentence as well as 200 hours of community service.