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Nationals | 19 September 14 : 10.33
Kate and Gerry McCann took issue with a front-page Insight story from last year, which the couple said suggested they had kept "secret from investigating authorities a crucial piece of evidence concerning the disappearance of their daughter".
Regionals | 19 September 14 : 08.34
The Newcastle Journal, Newcastle Chronicle, Northern Echo, the Gazette, Yorkshire Post and Manchester Evening News will all carry the same front page message.
Nationals | 19 September 14 : 09.42
Press Gazette understands the Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued guidance to editors when the news broke yesterday afternoon urging that John Cantlie not be named.
Nationals | 18 September 14 : 15.51
Paul Randall, 49, found out the model was at a Westminster police station where he worked on 25 October 2006 and rang the tabloid newspaper which dispatched a photographer to the scene.
Broadcast | 18 September 14 : 16.21
A video has emerged on Youtube purporting to show a British journalist who is apparently being held by Islamic State.
Nationals | 18 September 14 : 11.51
The Metropolitan Police does not appear to know how many times it has seized the phone records of journalists and news organisations.
| 18 September 14 : 09.15
No Scottish daily newspaper (either home-grown or tartanised UK national) has backed a yes vote in today's independence referendum for the country.
Websites | 18 September 14 : 12.15
Mail Online continued its position as by far the most popular UK newspaper website in August 2014 attracting some 11.3 million browsers per day.
Broadcast | 18 September 14 : 10.36
The corporation has lodged a formal protest with the Russian authorities after the attack, which took place in the city of Astrakhan.
Media business | 18 September 14 : 10.42
News Corp has urged the European Commission to take action to stop Google using its dominant internet search platform to “eliminate competition”.
Criminal law | 17 September 14 : 17.51
A 44-year-old freelance journalist arrested in dawn raid on his Northumberland home a year ago has been cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Nationals | 17 September 14 : 10.44
A former Met Police commander with 30 years' experience in the force has publicly backed Press Gazette’s campaign to stop the police spying on journalists.
Television | 17 September 14 : 13.00
Ofcom has rejected a bid from London Live to slash the amount of local programming broadcast per day from 18 hours to eight hours.
Broadcast | 17 September 14 : 12.25
Tom Bradby said he wasn’t suggesting that his experiences in Scotland bear “comparison with really bad places” – but did admit he is not “enjoying” himself.
Regulation | 17 September 14 : 11.43
The Newspaper Society has backed Press Gazette’s Save Our Sources campaign against public authorities' use of the Regulation of...
Regionals | 17 September 14 : 09.27
Under the pilot scheme, staff are divided into three “units” tp work across around 11 weekly newspapers.
Nationals | 17 September 14 : 08.49
Google has removed the link to the 2003 story, about Tim Blackstone, under certain search terms.


NRS says mobile now most popular way to access websites of Mail Online, Metro and Mirror
Mail Online, Metro and the Mirror all attract more readers to their websites from mobiles than they do personal computers. New evidence of the huge shift from desktop to mobile news readership is provided in the latest figures from the National Readership Survey, which include mobile for the first time.