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Regionals | 22 July 14 : 09.35
The change means the paper’s presses will be rolling from around midnight, but editor Keith Harrison said this does not mean it is now a “morning paper”.
Media business | 22 July 14 : 09.09
Johnston Press’s managing directors for Northern Ireland and Scotland are to leave as part of a shake-up that will see the company combine several publishing divisions.
Nationals | 21 July 14 : 13.07
The trial of Tulisa Contostavlos over drugs allegations has collapsed.
Nationals | 21 July 14 : 16.22
Conducted for the BBC by Ipsos MORI in February, the survey’s aim was to gauge “public perceptions of impartiality and trustworthiness of the BBC”.
Criminal law | 21 July 14 : 15.39
The Tulisa drugs sting trial collapsed after the judge agreed that Sun on Sunday reporter Mazher Mahmood told a “deliberate lie” in a pre-trial hearing.
Television | 21 July 14 : 12.57
The corporation remains the most trusted source of news in the UK, according to the report, “although we are slightly below the levels reached before October 2012 when the crisis broke over coverage of Jimmy Savile and the separate Newsnight child abuse investigation”.
People | 21 July 14 : 11.21
Evan Davis is leaving Radio 4’ Today programme to step into Jeremy Paxman’s shoes as lead presenter on Newsnight.
Glenn Mulcaire (Reuters)
Criminal law | 21 July 14 : 09.52
Glenn Mulcaire (Reuters)
Former full-time phone-hacker for the News of the World Glenn Mulcaire has repeated his assertion that be believed he was working indirectly for the police when he listened to the phone messages of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler.
Television | 21 July 14 : 08.18
In the report about the horrific scene, Colin Brazier picked up a toiletry bag and a set of keys from an open suitcase full of the victim's belongings.
Media business | 21 July 14 : 09.07
The publisher, owned by Richard Desmond (pictured, Reuters), is expected to internally announce a savings target of between £10m and £14m, according to the report.
Appointments | 18 July 14 : 13.00
Sara Firth worked at Russia Today over five years, joining the Russian government-funded station in Moscow straight from City University in London.
Television | 18 July 14 : 17.49
Journalists and technicians had been due to walkout next Wednesday for 12 hours.
Nationals | 18 July 14 : 08.23
A jury took just over an hour and a half to find ex-Wiltshire Police officer Darren Jennings (not pictured) guilty of committing misconduct in a public office following a trial at the Old Bailey.
Appointments | 17 July 14 : 15.25
John Sweeney has revealed his office nickname for the past few months has been “dead man walking”, and he was not surprised to have been made redundant by the BBC today.
Nationals | 18 July 14 : 07.55
An undercover reporter has told a court he wanted to "expose criminality" about an alleged drug deal involving Tulisa Constostavlos (pictured, Reuters) and it was "outrageous" to suggest he spiked the singer's drink during one of their meetings.
People | 17 July 14 : 11.11
Two senior Sun journalists are among those to be cleared yesterday after spending more than a year on police bail on suspicion of involvement in phone-hacking.
Nationals | 17 July 14 : 12.33
Trinity Mirror has announced plans to merge the editorial teams of the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People with the loss of up to eight editorial jobs.