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Media business | 24 July 14 : 10.20
Express Newspapers journalists have condemned owner Richard Desmond as “Britain’s greediest billionaire” after they were told the company is seeking 200 job cuts.
Media business | 24 July 14 : 09.28
Highfield said that digital audience growth is “far outweighing any decline in print”, but added that he does not “want cannabilisation of what is our biggest source of revenue (print)”.
Television | 24 July 14 : 09.46
A freelance British reporter working for the TV channel Russia Today is reported to be missing in Donetsk after covering fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Moscow rebels.
Media business | 24 July 14 : 10.07
The increase, to £15m, up £5m from the same period last year, offset a £3m (5 per cent) fall in print advertising revenue from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, which stood at £46m for the quarter.
Appointments | 24 July 14 : 10.42
Mark Dinning, who has been the 25-year-old magazine’s longest serving editor, is going to edit Time Out Dubai.
Nationals | 23 July 14 : 13.42
Express Newspapers is seeking to make 200 editorial redundancies, cutting job numbers from 650 to 450.
Digital | 23 July 14 : 12.22
US firm Kroll and "a number of other third parties" were paid for investigations after the Savile scandal in 2012.
Mobile | 23 July 14 : 15.41
The Telegraph’s fun football website Project Babb reached more than 1m unique browsers in its first full month, the publishers has revealed.
Photography | 23 July 14 : 11.28
The toddler son of singer Adele (pictured above, Reuters) has accepted a five-figure sum in damages in settlement of a privacy case brought by his parents over paparazzi photos of his "milestone moments".
Regulation | 23 July 14 : 11.56
The story, published online on 21 June 2012, was based on the academic’s website as well as views shared by anonymous students and a source at the Cambridge University Students Union.
Nationals | 23 July 14 : 10.13
MPs yesterday praised The Sunday Times for its "outstanding" work exposing corruption at football world governing body FIFA.
Nationals | 23 July 14 : 10.14
The singer (pictured, Reuters), 26, told this week, after her trial for allegedly brokering a drugs deal collapsed, how a year of her life had been "ruined".
Nationals | 22 July 14 : 14.26
Actor Rhys Ifans (pictured, Reuters) and entertainer Michael Barrymore have settled their phone-hacking damages claims.
Media business | 23 July 14 : 09.44
Announcing a second-quarter profits rise of 84 per cent and a 12 per cent increase in revenue year on year, Gannett also said Newsquest’s digital revenues are up 24.6 per cent.
Television | 22 July 14 : 08.24
Colin Brazier has criticised reports of the incident that didn’t recognise his instant apology – "we shouldn't be doing this … this is a mistake" – instead being “determined to see what I did as a powerful example of journalistic vulturism”.
Television | 22 July 14 : 11.08
David Cameron (pictured, Reuters) said people leafing through victims' belongings and suitcases was "completely inappropriate" and called on the media and pro-Russian separatists to understand they are dealing with "effectively a murder scene".
Regionals | 22 July 14 : 09.35
The change means the paper’s presses will be rolling from around midnight, but editor Keith Harrison said this does not mean it is now a “morning paper”.

Media law

Phone-hacker who gave evidence against former colleagues escapes jail with 10-month suspended sentence
A journalist who intercepted voicemail messages for both the News of the World and Sunday Mirror today escaped prison. Dan Evans was given a 10-month suspended prison sentence. He pleaded guilty and gave evidence against former colleagues. He is the only one out of seven convicted phone-hackers to admit continuing the practice after Googman and Mulcaire were jailed in January 2007.