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Broadcast | 6 July 15 : 16.43
John Whittingdale said the process will be phased in from 2018/19, adding the Government is pleased the broadcaster has agreed to "play its part in contributing to reductions in spending like much of the rest of the public sector" while further reducing its "reliance on taxpayers".
Consumer | 6 July 15 : 10.59
According to ABC, the music magazine - which current costs £2.50 - recorded an average weekly circulation of 15,384 in the second half of 2014. This is down from more than 75,000 ten years ago.
Regulation | 6 July 15 : 10.31
The Independent Press Standards Organisation has upheld in part a privacy complaint against Mail Online after it published details about a woman's sexual relationship and preferences.
Nationals | 6 July 15 : 08.28
George Osborne has warned that the BBC should not "completely crowd out national newspapers" online.
Media business | 6 July 15 : 10.51
Johnston Press is to start competing with rival regional newspaper giant Newsquest in Brighton after buying an independent free newspaper published in the city.
Media business | 6 July 15 : 08.44
The title’s UK-based site, which produces all of its content independently from the print edition and offers it free to readers, has nearly quadrupled its readership in two years.
Nationals | 6 July 15 : 09.39
The Daily Telegraph has today published a page-two correction - and a front page reference to it - over its leaked Nicola Sturgeon memorandum.
Criminal law | 3 July 15 : 08.05
The frequency of Metropolitan Police press leak investigations nearly tripled in the year the Leveson Inquiry started, new figures show.
Nationals | 3 July 15 : 15.18
Sarah Hannon only became aware four years later of the precise circumstances of how the article in the newspaper came to be published, solicitor Nicola McCann told Mr Justice Mann at London's High Court.
Nationals | 3 July 15 : 13.36
The Sun has told how darts champion Phil “The Power” Taylor attempted to prevent it from publishing an interview with his daughters
Regionals | 3 July 15 : 10.49
Three national newspapers have been censured by press regulator IPSO over inaccurate reports of a court case.
Nationals | 3 July 15 : 09.51
The BBC is coming under pressure from politicians and other media outlets over its use of the term ‘Islamic State’.
Nationals | 2 July 15 : 12.14
Despite being found not guilty of hacking, former News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis says the prosecution has cost him his life savings, his marriage and four years of his life.
Regionals | 2 July 15 : 17.22
The News Media Association - which represents the national, regional and local newspaper and magazine industries - has called on the Independent Police Complaints Commission to reconsider its rejection of a complaint by a reporter who was issued with a harassment notice.
Media business | 2 July 15 : 13.58
A Northern Irish daily newspaper is to introduce a metered paywall for its newly relaunched website.
Television | 2 July 15 : 10.47
The BBC is to cut more than 1,000 jobs, including many managerial roles, because of a £150 million shortfall in its licence fee income, sources said.
Television | 2 July 15 : 12.22
The cuts, announced by director general Tony Hall this morning, are expected to see people in the highest grades of employment at the BBC lose their jobs.