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Nationals | 27 April 15 : 16.02
The trial of Sun reporter Stephen Moyes was set to hear that he had “demonised” the Suffolk Strangler by writing public interest stories about him, he told Press Gazette.
Television | 28 April 15 : 09.53
Shortly after he departed, to be replaced by Evan Davis, Paxman said that Newsnight is "made by 13-year-olds".
Media business | 28 April 15 : 09.15
Johnston Press chief executive Ashley Highfield has been told by the National Union of Journalists he should “forgo” his £645,000 bonus.
Nationals | 27 April 15 : 11.29
Former Sun managing editor Graham Dudman was greeted with a round of applause from assembled journalists as he left the Old Bailey a free man this morning.
Nationals | 27 April 15 : 14.11
Cleared former Mirror journalist Greig Box-Turnbull has condemned Rupert Murdoch's "betrayal" of journalists' sources and a police "assault" on public interest journalism.
Nationals | 27 April 15 : 12.53
A Sun reporter launched a scathing attack on a "flailing and failing" Operation Elveden after becoming the latest to be cleared of paying a public official for tips.
Photography | 27 April 15 : 10.43
Rules preventing pictures being at the back of Downing Street have been described by photographers as a "new low" in an election campaign of "attempted stage management and control of the media".
Nationals | 27 April 15 : 11.25
The title has launched a SecureDrop service, which ensures “total anonymity”, after spending “the last four years under constant attack from an Establishment that doesn’t want the truth to be revealed”.
Nationals | 27 April 15 : 09.04
The Met Police’s specialist crime and investigations directorate is considering whether a Sun comment piece breached the Public Order Act.
Wires and Agencies | 24 April 15 : 15.00
An as-yet unpublished investigation by Buzzfeed has harmed the business of a news agency which sees itself as the 'main competitor' for the website in the UK.
Regionals | 24 April 15 : 16.00
A Johnston Press hashtag, #WhatMattersToMe, will feature as Twitter's top promoted trend all day on Monday in a joint venture.
Nationals | 24 April 15 : 09.52
The Sun has accused Labour of targeting its owner, News UK, “as a direct result of our opposition”.
Nationals | 24 April 15 : 10.35
The Sun's online news editor Vince Soodin has condemned Operation Elveden for turning into "a probe into unauthorised leaks to journalists – whether they were paid for or not". Soodin, along with former News of the World reporter Lucy Panton, was officially cleared at the Old Bailey yesterday - nearly three years after his initial arrest.
Regionals | 24 April 15 : 08.26
Fewer than half of Johnston Press’s employees (48.9 per cent) would recommend the company “as a good place to work”, according to an internal staff survey.
Criminal law | 24 April 15 : 10.04
Former editor local newspaper editor has lost his appeal against a conviction for publishing a story which breached an anonymity order under section 39 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933.
Nationals | 23 April 15 : 12.14
Former News of the World reporter Lucy Panton has spoken out for the first time about her four-year, "hellish ordeal" after she was formally cleared in court today.
Websites | 23 April 15 : 13.29
Mail Online online readership dipped in March after a record month in February.


Guardian and FT among news publishers across Europe taking €150m 'handout' from Google
Google has offered €150m in funding to help news publishers across Europe “develop more sustainable models for news”. The move comes weeks after the internet search engine company was accused of abusing its near monopoly position in Europe and threatened with a fine of up to €6.2bn by the European Union.