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Nationals | 31 March 15 : 15.35
Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has called on the UK’s “fractured press” to defend its “sacred oath” to protect sources.
Media business | 31 March 15 : 15.26
In 2004, shortly after moving to Stockholm from the UK, Paul Rapacioli started running a weekly email newsletter from his bedroom sent out to his friends on a Swedish-language course.
Regionals | 31 March 15 : 11.44
Some 24 regional newspaper titles published by Trinity Mirror have published election manifestos.
Nationals | 31 March 15 : 11.20
A new weekly UK newspaper focusing on the world of Golf is to launch next week.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 11.15
The Metropolitan Police is reportedly “sitting on dozens of unopened bin-bags of material” gathered by officers investigating Trinity Mirror national newspapers.
Criminal law | 30 March 15 : 13.04
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the law needs to be changed to give journalists accused of corrupting public officials by paying for stories a clear public interest defence.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 09.12
BBC presenter Andrew Marr believes Jeremy Paxman interviewing David Cameron and Ed Miliband in last week’s election programme was “not a good replacement” for a head-to-head debate.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 11.01
A Premier League footballer who obtained an anonymity order against a woman selling a kiss-and-tell story to The Sun should be named, a High Court judge has decided.
Consumer | 30 March 15 : 09.31
The original lads’ mag, Loaded, is to close some 18 months after it was acquired by Simian Publishing in a management buyout.
Criminal law | 27 March 15 : 15.20
The first journalist to be found guilty of paying a public official in the wake of the high-profile Operation Elveden probe has had the conviction quashed on appeal, it can now be reported.
Nationals | 30 March 15 : 08.41
Sun columnist Katie Hopkins has been reported to police over claims she may have incited racial hatred in Rochdale by suggesting Pakistani men in the area were sex abusers.
Websites | 27 March 15 : 15.53
Speaking at the London School Economics’ Polis Journalism Conference, Jamie Angus revealed that 23m people across the UK and beyond visited the BBC News site on 26 March.
Criminal law | 27 March 15 : 11.01
Police officers are now banned from secretly obtaining the call records of journalists without getting outside approval from a judge.
People | 26 March 15 : 17.05
The Telegraph's top sports writer Henry Winter is understood to be leaving the paper after more than 20 years to join The Times.
Television | 27 March 15 : 11.22
Last week, Prime Minister David Cameron told the corporation’s James Landale that he would not serve a third term in power, leading to numerous front page newspaper stories.
Nationals | 27 March 15 : 09.51
A lecturer and his wife have been sacked by a university after being accused of speaking to journalists. The move comes amid a widespread public sector crackdown on unauthorised contact with the media.
Nationals | 27 March 15 : 11.55
The Independent Press Standard’s Organisation’s investigation into The Sunday Mirror’s Brooks Newmark sting has been condemned for exposing the regulator’s weaknesses.

Media law

CPS: No retrial for NoW reporter whose conviction was quashed - implications for other Operation Elveden prosecutions
The Crown Prosecution Service is not going to seek a retrial for a News of the World journalist whose conviction for a paying public official was quashed by the Court of Appeal. And it has asked for an adjournment in a further Operation Elveden trial involving a journalist which was due to start today while it considers the “wider implicatons” of last week’s ruling from the Lord Chief Justice.