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JK Rowling by Daniel Ogrin (creative commons)
Nationals | 16 April 14 : 09.25
JK Rowling by Daniel Ogrin (creative commons)
The paper admitted liability under the “offer of amends” procedure in the Defamation Act. But it has yet to agree what damages to pay Rowling and it has challenged her right to make a unilateral statement in open court about the matter.
Nationals | 16 April 14 : 14.00
Coulson told the Old Bailey trial he initially called a halt to the story in 2004 but later changed his mind and confronted Mr Blunkett about it.
Photography | 16 April 14 : 12.08
The photographs were taken on 16 October 2012 by an unnamed photographer in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and showed Weller and the children out shopping in the street, and relaxing at a café on the edge of the street.
Nationals | 16 April 14 : 11.49
Sitting in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Lord Justice Laws gave Jonathan Calvert and Heidi Blake permission to appeal Mr Justice Tugendhat's finding.
Photography | 16 April 14 : 10.31
According to blogger Dan Barker, this photo was uploaded on to Flickr in 2009 and sold to the Mirror by Getty Images. It apparently shows a young girl called Anne who was upset because she lost an earthworm who she had befriended.
Dr Liam Fox has accused The Guardian of "ignorance and arrogance" over its NSA stories (Reuters)
Nationals | 16 April 14 : 09.18
Dr Liam Fox has accused The Guardian of "ignorance and arrogance" over its NSA stories (Reuters)
Two days after The Guardian won a Pulitzer Prize in the United States, Britain’s former defence minister Liam Fox will today use a speech in Washington to accuse the paper of “ignorance and arrogance” over its NSA stories.
Nationals | 16 April 14 : 10.41
Richard Caseby may no longer be managing editor of The Sun but he is still securing apologies from The Guardian in his new job as director of strategic communications at the Department of Work and Pensions.
Nationals | 15 April 14 : 16.39
Andy Coulson said he would have turned down Edward Snowden's leaked information if he had been offered it when he was editor of the News of the World.
Regionals | 15 April 14 : 11.06
The publisher of Britain’s biggest selling regional newspaper, the Express & Star, has announced a restructure that could result in 76 jobs being lost.
Media law | 15 April 14 : 15.44
Andy Coulson today denied he was a bully and "absolutely rejected" that there was a culture of bullying at the News of the World while he was editor.
Photography | 15 April 14 : 13.32
The Daily Mirror wrongly claimed a front page picture of a giant rat was taken in Liverpool.
Nationals | 15 April 14 : 12.49
He did not know the practice was illegal but would have regarded it as "intrusive" and "lazy journalism", he told the jury at the Old Bailey hacking trial.
Nationals | 15 April 14 : 09.36
The Guardian and Washington Post have been named as the joint winners of the US Pulitzer Prize for public service journalism for their National Security Agency stories.
Regionals | 14 April 14 : 16.29
The sports editor of the Newcastle Chronicle series has spoken of his “sadness” at the deterioration of the newspapers’ relationship with Newcastle United.
Nationals | 15 April 14 : 11.48
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson told the hacking trial his affair with Rebekah Brooks "was wrong and it shouldn't have happened". The affair started in 1998, but was not "continual" and there were long periods where they were just close friends, the 46-year-old told the jury yesterday.
Tulisa arriving at Southwark Crown Court (REUTERS)
Nationals | 14 April 14 : 10.18
Tulisa arriving at Southwark Crown Court (REUTERS)
Pop singer Tulisa Contostavlos is suing The Sun over a story in which she was branded a “home-wrecker” by the former partner of Danny Simpson.
Appointments | 14 April 14 : 08.54
The editor of the UK’s third most read national daily newspaper – Metro – stepping down after 15 yers in the job. Kenny Campbell is being replaced by Ted young, who is currently online editor of the New York Daily News.