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Broadcast | 12 September 14 : 09.58
The BBC has again faced criticism for not reporting on the impact that Scottish independence would have on its own services.
Criminal law | 11 September 14 : 15.38
Without whistleblowers there is no investigative journalism.
Nationals | 12 September 14 : 11.22
Mahmood, known as "the fake sheikh", who is currently suspended from The Sun, came under scrutiny earlier this year with the collapse of the trial of singer Tulisa Contostavlos for alleged involvement in a drug deal.
Television | 12 September 14 : 10.08
Claims by Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond that the Treasury deliberately leaked details of Royal Bank of Scotland's plans to relocate its headquarters to London in the event of a Scottish vote for independence have been rejected by Whitehall's most senior civil servant.
Regulation | 12 September 14 : 08.55
The Daily Telegraph has become the last newspaper to be censured by the PCC after it published details after needlessly identifying the wife of a convicted paedophile.
Nationals | 12 September 14 : 08.37
The journalist, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared before a judge at the Old Bailey alongside Trust worker Alan Hagan, 47.
Regionals | 12 September 14 : 08.20
The Worcester News has now republished the photograph, which will be hidden from EU Google sites under certain search terms, reporting on the successful request.
Television | 11 September 14 : 17.37
Journalists at the BBC have decided not to go on strike after management agreed to a freeze on compulsory redundancies and on recruitment.
Privacy | 11 September 14 : 10.42
New official guidelines impose strict controls on anyone from the armed forces making contact with journalists, even in a social setting.
Broadcast | 11 September 14 : 15.17
The First Minister and SNP leader said the alleged BBC briefing by a "Treasury source" was "a matter of extraordinary gravity", and urged the BBC to co-operate with the probe that must follow.
Regionals | 11 September 14 : 09.26
The Scottish newspaper's front page carries the headline: "Scotland's Decision" and declares: "With exactly a week to go before our historic referendum The Scotsman gives its verdict on the choice before us: we are better together."
Nationals | 11 September 14 : 08.56
The PCC, which has this week ceased to exist, investigated after a member of the public claimed the paper had breached clause 16 (payments to criminals) of the Editors' Code of Practice.
Nationals | 10 September 14 : 11.27
The Scottish Sun today condemned the “pro-Unionist parties” as its owner gave the strongest hint yet that he backed Scottish independence.
Media business | 10 September 14 : 15.22
The newspaper group is inviting members to become ‘friends’, free of charge, ‘partners’ for £15 a month or ‘patrons’ for £60 a month.
Media business | 10 September 14 : 09.03
Culture Secretary Sajid Javid has reiterated his predecessor Maria Miller's warning that an independent Scotland would lose the BBC.
Nationals | 10 September 14 : 09.01
News Corp proprietor Rupert Murdoch said today that he would like to ditch Page Three topless photos from The Sun.
Nationals | 9 September 14 : 10.14
Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger has called for "urgent action" to protect journalists' sources after last week's revelation that the Met Police had spied on the phone records of Sun political editor Tom Newton Dunn.