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Nationals | 2 October 14 : 14.51
An Old Bailey jury has been dismissed after they failed to agree on a verdict in the case against Sun reporter Vince Soodin.
Nationals | 2 October 14 : 12.25
In an email to staff he said: "We have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons."
Regionals | 2 October 14 : 08.46
Local newspapers remain by the far most trusted and popular source of local news, according to a YouGov survey.
Privacy | 2 October 14 : 13.19
Backing Press Gazette's Save Our Sources campaign, the NUJ has called on the Interception of Communications Commissioner to launch an urgent review of RIPA and its use to access journalistic material and sources.
Nationals | 2 October 14 : 12.58
The company, now known as News UK, decided not to proceed with the application because it had been "troubled" by "the sheer scale" of assessing costs, Robert Smith QC told the Old Bailey yesterday.
Mobile | 2 October 14 : 10.01
In an independent local newspaper founded six years ago has made its first foray into digital journalism by launching its first App for Apple and Android mobile devices.
Media business | 2 October 14 : 09.29
The news was announced in a company statement, which also said £200,000 was to be invested in “new technology and automating editorial processes as it modernises its newsroom”.
Criminal law | 1 October 14 : 14.59
A second police force has admitted secretly spying on journalists by using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.
Regionals | 2 October 14 : 07.58
The UK’s third largest newspaper group Newsquest made an operating profit last year  of £52.8m on turnover of £289m...
Criminal law | 1 October 14 : 16.59
News International has dropped an application for costs incurred in relation to the multimillion-pound phone-hacking trial of Rebekah...
Nationals | 1 October 14 : 08.34
How can there be a conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office when only one person has been charged with conspiracy?
Nationals | 1 October 14 : 09.12
The Guido Fawkes blog has admitted that its reporter Alex Wickham was behind the Sunday Mirror MP sexting sting and insisted that it was...
Nationals | 29 September 14 : 17.42
A Sun reporter told the Old Bailey “these are dark times for the British press” while defending himself against the allegation of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office by paying a Sussex Police sergeant £500 for a story tip.
Mobile | 1 October 14 : 09.46
Sky News today relaunched its website in a mobile-friendly format. The tile-based design means that the site has the same design for...
Nationals | 30 September 14 : 16.45
Chairman of the Independent Press Standards Organisation Sir Alan Moses said subterfuge should only be used as a "last resort" as a means of discovering evidence which the newspaper already suspected existed.
Regulation | 30 September 14 : 10.00
It is for the new press regulator to decide whether a newspaper "sting" operation that forced a minister to resign in a sex...
Nationals | 30 September 14 : 08.38
Sunday Mirror editor in chief Lloyd Embley has apologised for the use of photos of women without their permission in a ‘sexting’ sting which prompted the resignaton of a Conservative minister.