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Nationals | 20 September 14 : 09.31
The Scottish first minister (pictured, Reuters) announced his resignation in the meeting, which was held at Bute House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, yesterday afternoon.
Mobile | 19 September 14 : 11.13
Mail Online, Metro and the Mirror all attract more readers to their websites from mobiles than they do personal computers.
Nationals | 19 September 14 : 10.33
Kate and Gerry McCann took issue with a front-page Insight story from last year, which the couple said suggested they had kept "secret from investigating authorities a crucial piece of evidence concerning the disappearance of their daughter".
Regionals | 19 September 14 : 08.34
The Newcastle Journal, Newcastle Chronicle, Northern Echo, the Gazette, Yorkshire Post and Manchester Evening News will all carry the same front page message.
Nationals | 19 September 14 : 09.42
Press Gazette understands the Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued guidance to editors when the news broke yesterday afternoon urging that John Cantlie not be named.
Nationals | 18 September 14 : 15.51
Paul Randall, 49, found out the model was at a Westminster police station where he worked on 25 October 2006 and rang the tabloid newspaper which dispatched a photographer to the scene.
Broadcast | 18 September 14 : 16.21
A video has emerged on Youtube purporting to show a British journalist who is apparently being held by Islamic State.
Nationals | 18 September 14 : 11.51
The Metropolitan Police does not appear to know how many times it has seized the phone records of journalists and news organisations.
| 18 September 14 : 09.15
No Scottish daily newspaper (either home-grown or tartanised UK national) has backed a yes vote in today's independence referendum for the country.
Websites | 18 September 14 : 12.15
Mail Online continued its position as by far the most popular UK newspaper website in August 2014 attracting some 11.3 million browsers per day.
Broadcast | 18 September 14 : 10.36
The corporation has lodged a formal protest with the Russian authorities after the attack, which took place in the city of Astrakhan.
Media business | 18 September 14 : 10.42
News Corp has urged the European Commission to take action to stop Google using its dominant internet search platform to “eliminate competition”.
Criminal law | 17 September 14 : 17.51
A 44-year-old freelance journalist arrested in dawn raid on his Northumberland home a year ago has been cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Nationals | 17 September 14 : 10.44
A former Met Police commander with 30 years' experience in the force has publicly backed Press Gazette’s campaign to stop the police spying on journalists.
Television | 17 September 14 : 13.00
Ofcom has rejected a bid from London Live to slash the amount of local programming broadcast per day from 18 hours to eight hours.
Broadcast | 17 September 14 : 12.25
Tom Bradby said he wasn’t suggesting that his experiences in Scotland bear “comparison with really bad places” – but did admit he is not “enjoying” himself.
Regulation | 17 September 14 : 11.43
The Newspaper Society has backed Press Gazette’s Save Our Sources campaign against public authorities' use of the Regulation of...