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News | 28 August 14 : 09.33
Journalist Andrew Norfolk reveals in The Times today that when he first came across allegations that groups "Asian" men were targeting schoolgirls in Keighley, West Yorkshire, "I didn't want the story to be true because it made me deeply uncomfortable".
Regionals | 27 August 14 : 13.38
The 73 UK regional daily and Sunday newspapers listed by ABC in its data lost sales by an average of 13.5 per cent year on year in the first half of 2014.
Nationals | 27 August 14 : 10.12
An independent report prompted by the journalism of The Times yesterday revealed that at least 1,400 children were abused the hands of mainly men of Pakistani origin over a 15-year period in Rotherham.
Interviews | 26 August 14 : 12.51
It may be two years since Mark Williams-Thomas exposed both sex attack allegations against Jimmy Savile and a BBC cover-up with his ITV Exposure documentary.
Regionals | 27 August 14 : 13.05
According to ABC, between January and June, Local World recorded 16,395,037 average unique monthly browsers - up 90 per cent year on year.
Appointments | 27 August 14 : 15.02
Kachroo, who in recent months has worked on the death of Nelson Mandela, interviewed Robert Mugabe and covered the Oscar Pistorious trial, replaces Lucy Manning, who moved to the BBC earlier this summer to become a special correspondent.
Privacy | 27 August 14 : 09.11
Google has removed links to more than 30 stories from the BBC, Telegraph and Mail websites, the publishers have revealed.
Consumer | 27 August 14 : 11.49
Mag industry survivor Yours celebrates its 40th anniversary this month with a special issue guest edited by regular columnist Lynda Bellingham.
Television | 26 August 14 : 12.10
Head of the BBC newsoom Mary Hockaday has defended the way the BBC covered the search of the home of pop singer Cliff Richard. South Yorkshire Police has revealed that it tipped off the BBC in advance of the raid in Sunningdale, Berkshire, after being contacted by a reporter some weeks ago.
Nationals | 26 August 14 : 16.28
News UK has settled a legal claim brought by a woman working in PR who sued for breach for privacy after her stolen mobile phone was handed in to The Sun.
Websites | 26 August 14 : 16.21
The website announced the figures July’s online ABC figures showed it recorded 11,039,330 average daily users, up 1 per cent year on year.
News | 26 August 14 : 15.15
A former senior Scotland Yard officer remains in legal limbo some two and a half years after being arrested on suspicion of leaking information to a journalist.
News | 26 August 14 : 09.17
The US has successful negotiated the release of a journalist Theo Curtis who has been held in Syria since 2012.
Regionals | 26 August 14 : 11.37
Following Trinity Mirror groups in the North East and Wales, the Midlands titles will take up the "Newsroom 3.1" model by the end of September.
Television | 26 August 14 : 11.11
Sky News is launching a new two-hour weekday evening news show hosted by former political editor Adam Boulton and Sarah Hewson.
Wires and Agencies | 26 August 14 : 06.07
Former News of the World US editor James Desborough is looking to emulate the success of British-run agtency Splash as he seeks to expand his own celebrity news agency in Los Angeles.
Broadcast | 22 August 14 : 18.08
The BBC has been accused of a "cover up" over its role in the police raid on Sir Cliff Richard's flat following sexual assault allegations.